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Who We Are and What We Do

Visual & Performing Arts Newmarket is comprised of volunteers, who manage all aspects of the 

VPAN Not-for-Profit Organization, to bring uplifting, entertaining and brilliant 

performances to the Newmarket area, thereby contributing to the cultural growth of the Region of York.  

If you would like to consider a Board position, please email us at VPANConcertsofNewmarket@rogers.com 

Visual & Performing Arts Newmarket - Board

FRONT: Marg Nauman, Judy Craig, Erika Kerwin & Margaret Barkman

BACK: Chole Vargas, Linda Condy, Heather MacKay, 

Marcia Sinclair & Robert Vernon

*  *  *

          • Chole Vargas (President)
          • Marg Nauman (Vice President)
          • Linda J Condy (Past President)
          • Robert Vernon (Treasurer)
          • Heather MacKay (Secretary)
          • Marcia Sinclair (Chair, Concert Committee)
          • Margaret Barkman (Head of Artist Selection)
          • Judy Craig (Public Relations)
          • Erika Kerwin (Advertising)
          • Mary Lou Stanton (Honorary Member)

"Three for the Show" 

Concert Committee

What We Do

  • Subscriptions: Sandra McCleary
  • Brochure Distribution: VPAN Board
  • Front Cover Design: Catherine Le
  • Web Content Management: Barrie Braiden
  • Graphic Design: V8CR8ive
  • Advertising: Erika Kerwin
  • Mailing List: Judy Craig / Barrie Braiden
  • Artist Host: Eleanor Wynston
  • Master of Ceremonies: Linda J Condy
  • Artists' Coordinator: Margaret Barkman
  • Young Artists' Showcase Coordinator: Linda J Condy
  • VPAN Archives: Marcia Sinclair
  • Public Relations: Judy Craig

  • Marcia Sinclair (Chair)
  • Margaret Barkman
  • Linda J Condy
  • Judy Craig
  • Erika Kerwin
  • Bruce Sutherland
  • Robert Vernon

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