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welcome to VPAN

    Visual & Performing Arts Newmarket

    Exceptional classical music concerts in Newmarket Ontario

    In addition to our upcoming shows, we have also included information and links to previous artists and performances we have had the pleasure to host. 

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     2023 - 2024

    Welcome to Visual and Performing Arts Newmarket. We are proud of having hosted 25 years of our "Three for the Show" series, (regrettably on hold at the present time), at the New Roads Performing Arts Centre (formerly the Newmarket Theatre) and at the Newmarket Old Town Hall. Thank you to our subscribers, donors and volunteers, and to the many people who have made it possible for it all to happen. This year we are still hosting the 2024 Young Artists Showcase, a yearly concert featuring up-and-coming young musical talent in York Region.

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    The NEWROADS Performing Arts Centre, (formerly Newmarket Theatre)

    505 Pickering Crescent, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8H1

    Has awarded NINE grants to VPAN 

    Young Artists' Showcase 

    Since the year 2000, VPAN has encouraged young, gifted musicians from the region by showcasing their talents on stage.

    Many of our featured performers have gone on to professional careers in music.  

    The Young Artists’ Showcase, under the direction of George Vandikas, will feature gifted young musicians from the region.


    Young Artists' Showcase    2023

    Photos of the event.

    Stay tuned and we will soon post our lineup for the 2024 Young Artists' Showcase, to take place on February 25, 2024 at 2:00 PM (and make it possible to purchase tickets online).

    Location:  Old Town Hall              

    460 Botsford Street, Newmarket ON L3Y 1T1

    Photos of the YAS Concert 2022

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    All Site Photos are courtesy of Greg King. Thanks for being one of our great VPAN Volunteers! 

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    Three for the Show Concerts 2022-2023

    25th Anniversary season in 2022-2023:

    Quatuor Despax (Despax Quartet) Quatuor Despax  March 26, 2023 

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